Our Story

Hello and welcome! 

We're cousins who have always dreamed of starting our own business. After talking about it...and talking about it some more, we finally decided to make our dream a reality and started Novel Boutique & Co.

Jaclyn is an educator and real estate investor, with business savvy who wanted to have an outlet for her creativity. Her interest in fashion and style began at a young age. This coupled with her attention to the little things and creative flare, has given her a wholistic scope of this industry. With this business, she hopes to show her daughter that women can achieve anything they set their mind on. 

Brittany is a marketing specialist with a background in media. She has always had a keen eye for detail, and channels this energy into fashion and accessorizing. Even at a young age, she always made sure to accessorize every ensemble to the tee! Through this boutique, she's enthusiastic about using this passion to contribute to others' unique looks. 

The idea behind Novel Boutique & Co. is that, similar to characters in a novel, humans are always evolving and developing, and part of that is learning how to express your individuality through how you look and feel. Each new chapter will feature a variety of products that we hope will help you amplify your individual style and personal story. 

At Novel Boutique & Co., we strive to bring you high quality and trendy products at an affordable price. We support and partner with designers and businesses from around the country and across the world, many of which are women-owned. 

Novel Boutique & Co. was born amidst a pandemic, and although it may seem like an unusual time to start a business, we hope that when you visit our site, you'll find that special piece (or two!) that will brighten your day!

With this business, we are beginning a new chapter in our own story, and we are excited to have you join us on this journey!


Jaclyn & Brittany