But...what is druzy?

You keep seeing it all over our site, but what exactly is druzy? If you’ve been following us from the start, you’ll be familiar with this unique gemstone. Our first chapter, BOLD, features a variety of natural stones, including solar quartz and druzy.

The term druzy means the ‘glittering effect of tiny crystals over a colorful mineral’. If you own or have seen druzy stones, you’ll notice that they shimmer! That look can take millions of years to form! A natural occurrence of water containing sediment and silica repeatedly running over the surface of this stone eventually results in that crystallized appearance we all know and love.

Because of this, no two stones will ever look alike, so whatever piece you buy will be completely unique to you! Texture, color, and shape will differ from stone to stone, so keep that in mind when you purchase your jewelry – it may not look exactly like the picture you see on our site. Druzy naturally comes in shades of gray, blue, white, black, and even pink and orange, and often designers will hand-dye
them to create a variety of different shades and even a metallic luster!

If you haven’t already, check out Chapter I: BOLD to explore our druzy options!


Jac & Britt